Announcing The Quickstart Guide to Fast WordPress

Seconds matter when it comes to websites. When a site loads slowly, I confess I don’t hesitate to close the page and move on. I’ll be a bit more patient on my desktop computer than on my cell phone, but not by much. It’s not called the spinning circle of death for nothing.

It’s a safe bet you’ve done it too. More than half of online customers report they abandon an action when a site bogs down. So what do you do about it?

WordPress rocket ship

If your WordPress site has hiccups (or major indigestion) all too often, we’ve created The Quickstart Guide to Fast WordPress to get it healthy and prevent relapses. Our development team has spent thousands of hours creating WordPress sites, and we bring that experience to bear in this guide.

Before you start making changes, our guide will help you understand the underlying principles of WordPress optimization. You’ll discover why it’s important to identify functions that gobble up computing power. You also will learn how to address the most common bottlenecks on any WordPress site.

With those fundamentals locked down, you can start improving performance. We identify eight easy tweaks you can perform right away, including:


Sometimes it’s hard to pin down exactly what is causing a site’s performance issues. Just identifying the problem is part of the process. So our guide includes the top tools—both free and premium—for debugging WordPress performance issues and maintaining maximum performance. These tools range from simple WordPress plugins to tools we liked so much, we bundle them with every account we set up.

Having a top performing site means a commitment to monitoring, maintaining and optimizing your site. Like going in for a checkup with your doctor, this guide can alert you to issues you weren’t aware of and help avoid future problems.

Curious? Whether you just want to take a peek or are ready to make changes, The Quickstart Guide to Fast WordPress has something for you.